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Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) prepares underrepresented, low-income and first-generation college students to pursue graduate school. AAP works in collaboration with faculty, staff, national, and international partners to provide a range of graduate school preparation programs and services. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of initiatives designed to increase their awareness and knowledge of the graduate school application process, graduate school funding, summer research programs, and fellowship opportunities.


The Vision of AAP is to propel UCF to model a graduate school preparedness culture where every undergraduate student whose goal is to pursue graduate education understands the graduate school application and funding process, and takes advantage of resources and experiences that will make them strong graduate school candidates. 


Unlimited Potential.  We believe each and every UCF student, regardless of background, circumstances or challenges, has unlimited potential and is capable of attaining their post-graduate and career goals. 

Access. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that UCF undergraduates, especially first generation, low income and underrepresented students, who intend to pursue graduate school are aware of our office and services; further, our aim is that students who participate in our programs and services reflect the diversity of the UCF and Central Florida population. 

Partnerships. We believe that partnerships and collaborations are an integral part of our work to empower UCF undergraduate students to prepare for graduate school, thus, promoting a graduate school preparedness culture.  

Accessibility. We believe that in order to serve students, our services need to meet them where they are.  Our initiatives, in person and online, focus on accessibility – aiming to ensure that all UCF students, regardless of ability, location, enrollment status, familial or work responsibilities, can access key information and services that will help prepare them for the graduate school application process. 

Diversity and Inclusion.  We believe that thoughtfulness about and representation of the populations that we serve is necessary for students to connect with the programmatic content that we offer in regards to graduate school preparation.  We aim to serve all students by ensuring that our initiatives cater to first generation and low-income populations and that the diversity of UCF’s student body is visually represented through our participants, staff, and content. 

Broader Impact.  We believe that it is imperative for students who are pursuing advanced degree to understand the impact of education on themselves, their families and their communities.  Further, we encourage students to think about the important of contributing to the UCF community and the broader world. 

Academic Family. We believe that creating an environment where students feel welcomed and embraced for who they are is a key component of serving populations who have been traditionally underserved. The AAP office promotes this environment by extending the concept of family to all students who participate in our programs.  Our internal motto is: “It only takes one interaction to become part of the AAP family” 

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