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Marie Shultz

Undergraduate Major: Nursing

McNair Mentor:
Dr. Jane Compson

Future Plans: Doctor of Nursing Practice specializing in Adult Psychiatric; Psychology


Marie Shultz

The following is a abstract of research Marie completed as an undergraduate at UCF:

Title: Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Practices in Alleviating Percieved Stress in College Students

Conducted at the University of Central Florida as part of the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program.

Mentors: Dr. Jane Compson

Abstract: The purpose of this pilot study is to examine the effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Practices (MBP) in alleviating perceived stress in undergraduate students. The benefits gained from the completion of this study are anticipated to increase the knowledge of the effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Practices in alleviating perceived stress and improving perceived well-being in undergraduate college students. A convenience sample of 6 students participated in the course, and learned Mindfulness-Based Practices through a four week intervention. Students met with a third party facilitator one day a week for a one hour MBP session. The students were pre-tested and post-tested and completed reflective journals. Perceived stress and perceived well-being were assessed through frequency tables and journal responses. Participation in the study reduced the students’ amount of perceived stress. Favorable trends within the frequency tables suggest that students experienced less perceived stress and a greater sense of well-being after participating in the intervention. Results also indicated that the students utilized Mindfulness-Based Practices in daily life more frequently during the intervention. Findings suggest that students who utilize MBP may experience less perceived stress and a greater sense of perceived well-being. Future research will reassess the students and their levels of perceived stress and utilization of Mindfulness-Based Practices months after the intervention. Other studies may examine physiological responses to stress and the impact of MBP in alleviating physiological stress.