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Kimberly Burke

Undergraduate Major: Criminal Justice

McNair Mentor:
Dr. Jay Corzine, Chair of Sociology Department


Kimberly Burke

Kimberly Burke was born in Tampa, FL. Her research interests include corrections, inmate rehabilitation, criminal law, penal treatment, inmate organizational behaviors, and social problems within corrections. She is interested in receiving a PhD in Criminology and ultimately working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). The following is an abstract of research Kimberly completed as an undergraduate at UCF:

Title: Prison Homosexual Activity

Conducted at the University of Central Florida as part of the McNair Scholars Program.

Mentor: Dr. Jay Corzine, Chair of Sociology Department

Abstract: I have researched the history and current literature of prison sexual activities throughout the US from 1824-Present. Becoming familiar with the causes and effects of prison homosexual activity, my research is a reflection of the urgency surrounding this problem. This paper helps to illuminate the problems of sexual activity in prisons and dispel many of the myths and misinformation that has been perpetuated by popular culture. First, the paper will address the forms and functions of prison homosexual activities. Secondly, the paper will address the responses of correctional administration, as well as inmate responses to this problem. Finally, the paper discusses most recent implement to radically reform the way institutional responses to prison rape. For example, more inmates are affected by this problem due to overcrowding and longer sentences, spread of infections such as AIDS, Hepatitis, not to mention the new class of victims created by being incarcerated.