Sunday, July 25, 2010

7.8.10: SciBAr & Salsa

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Our day began with presentations from UCF students Amethyst Strickland and Lilian Milanes. To conclude our last official meeting of the conference, FOI students Katarina Pazur and Ozano Rokov gave their presentations.

The evening was filled with some additional surprises for our group.  The first was attending a SciBAr presentation. A SciBAr is an informal academic discussion on a scientific topic of particular interest to the general public. This month the presentation was being given by one of our new FOI friends, Robert Gregic, and his colleague Ivica Skokic.  Their presentation was entitled “Mission: Supernova Search”.  The event was free to the public and delivered in a relaxed environment in the downstairs basement lounge area of FOI.

The next surprise in store for us was a Salsa party. Professor Renata, knowing that the UCF scholars loved to dance, went out of her way to organize this event. A member of the FOI faculty was a salsa instructor and provided the group with lessons. The event was a huge success. It also brought us closer to the Croatian community. A few scholars even persuaded a few locals to learn the “electric slide.”

The night had a third surprise in store for UCF scholar Stephanie. With the leadership of Sanjin Brkic and the collaboration of both FOI and UCF students, a surprise birthday had been planned.

We headed to Palada and when the time came, Stephanie was successfully distracted and surprised with a birthday serenade in a mixture of Croatian and English. After a few broken plastic knives, the ice cream cake was finally cut and distributed amongst the group. It was a good night for all.

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