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7.7.10: Exploring more of Varaždin

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Our day began with a visit to the Regional County Government, led by Dr. Violeta Vidacek-Hains. We were provided insight on Varaždin’s influence on governmental and environmental issues.

After this we visited Varaždin’s first elementary school. We spoke with the principal and one of the teachers of the school. Marcus felt right at home as we toured the classrooms. They discussed how the school was named an European Eco School for their outstanding achievement in improving the environmental quality of the school and community. This program is designed to incorporate environmentally sustainable attitudes and behaviors in young children.  This is where were also were introduced to two additional FOI students Benjamin and Tomislav.

After our visit at the school we had a quick lunch at the student restaurant. In afternoon we had research presentations by Stephanie Parenti and Laura Adarve.

These were followed by presentations by Student Assistants Zlatko Stapic and Goran. After a discussion on the topics covered this day, we disbanded, agreeing to meet in front of FOI at 6pm for a visit to Varaždin’s cemetery.

This was no ordinary cemetery. The locals treated this less as a place of mourning and more as a place of celebration. We learned that in 1905 Herman Haller had an idea to make the cemetery park-like with large trees, landscape architecture and alleys for citizens to stroll through. Because of this, the Varaždin cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. It was truly a site to see.

After the cemetery, Dr. Violeta Vidacek-Hains led us to a local elementary school (gymnasium) to see a group of gymnastics students. It was amazing to see the level of talent of these kids.

It was then time for dinner. We went to a beautiful Italian restaurant called Rusticca. We were joined by Vice-Dean Dr. Blaženka Divjak and Professor Renata. The food was great but the conversation was even better. We shared a few words of appreciation and expressed how much we were grateful for the opportunity to visit their beautiful country.

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