Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 29 & 30: Excited for London rain or shine.

LondonLondon is gorgeous in the summer but it still tends to rain every day. This year we tried to be strategic and plan our day around the rain. We headed out for breakfast in the morning to fuel for our long journey exploring the city. We decided to wait to visit the Tate Museum of Modern Art until the rain started to fall. This allowed for us to explore the area around the London eye, the wooden park and various shops and restaurants. We visited the parliament building and saw all of the great statues including Winston Churchill. Of course the scholars saw Big Ben! We had the experience of riding in the classic Black Cab and taking photos in the telephone booths. We explored the city some more on Monday and got ready for another journey to Manchester. Very excited to see the DePaul scholars and present at the FACE conference!

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