Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014 : Exploring the Old City

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Alice & Brittany Exploring Dubrovnik

Alice & Brittany Exploring Dubrovnik

Today the students ventured back to the Old City so we could walk the Walls and explore some more of the city. The weather was hot but nothing compared to what it usually is this time of year. There was a nice breeze once you climbed to the highest part of the ancient Walls. The scholars learned about some of the history and origins as they took photos to send to their family and friends back home. It took us awhile to walk the Walls but it seemed to go by so quick because everything was so stunning and remarkable. When we were through with the walking tour we grabbed lunch and decided to take a water break at the fountain. In the center of the Old City there is a fountain that has multiple spouts, people drink out of them, refill water bottles and splash their faces. He water is ice cold, pure and clean. The scholars were so surprised because that would not happen in the states. After we left the Old City we ventured back to the Hotel Adriatic and explored some more of the coast, the water is unbelievable and the dryness of the sea air was extremely refreshing compared to our Florida humidity. We went to find some dinner near the hotel and stumbled into a great pasta and pizzeria the food was delicious and the view of the homes on the coast was even better. Tomorrow we will be visiting Zadar. The scholars can’t wait.

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