Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 19, 2014 – Thank you Beretinec!

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We must start by saying thank you to the Municipality of Beretinec! Today we embarked on a great exploration of the Municipality of Beretinec starting with a meeting from the Mayor Igor Kos. We  received a vast amount of information on the developments of the region and its plans for the near future. The students were educated on the villages, the cultural practices and experiencing a culture much different from their own in the states. We then went to visit the local volunteer Fire Department where we watched a presentation by the youngest set of Fire Fighters ranging from ages 6-9 years old. After the wonderful demonstration we visited the Črešnjevo Elementary school where we spoke with the principal and watched performances by the students. We received gifts of local delicacies and of course lavender plants which are native to the region. The students from both intuitions were thrilled. After our visit to the school we went to the MNK Črešnjevo futbol club. The members of the MNK were such amazing hosts, they explained the traditions of their organization and organized a futbol match between some of their younger players and our students. It seemed like the entire community came out for the game, you could feel a sense of community and team building that was unlike that of the states. When we were done being schooled in futbol we headed to the Črešnjevo Hunting club where we were greeted with performance of traditional dances and a feast that the students loved.


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