Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Volunteering Activites: 20 June

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Today began with a visit to another primary school. It was great to learn more about the Croatian educational system.  We had the opportunity to see the facilities used by the astronomy club.  We headed back to FOI for additional conference presentations.  The first presentation was provided by Goran Bubaš. His presentation “Factor Analysis of Rules in Friendship: Relations with Personality Traits” was great and a welcomed additional to the conference.  The next two presenters were from DePaul and UCF.

Ryan Keifer, DePaul: “The (Classical) Male Gaze: Audience and Female Characters in Fifth‐Century Athens”

Christy Clarke, UCF: “Tuning In and Tuning Out: TV Distractions in Parent‐Infant Play Dyads”

After lunch we visited an elementary school in Petrijanec.  Here we assisted the teachers with some gardening activities in the school’s pumpkin patch. It was a great experience for the group to assist and learn about how they cultivated pumpkins and made pumpkin oil.  After a busy day, Alen Delic had prepared a “palaćinko night” (pancake night) at his apartment. This was the perfect opportunity for the group to learn how to say their longest sentence in Croatian.  Maja Lalic taught the group how to say, “Uzbudena sam što ću jesti palaćinko s nutella”, which translates into “I am very excited to eat pancakes with nutella!”

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