Tuesday, June 19, 2012

“Poslije kiše uvijek dolazi sunce” – Day Three

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We started the day off with a visit to a kindergarten school and learned about the teaching methods within the Croatian kindergarten education system. They emphasized how they use a holistic approach to teaching. We then took a tour of the classroom and facilities.  In each room, we were welcomed by the staff and the children. When we entered the gym we were surprised by a group of 6-year olds that sang songs to us in Croatian and in English while they danced. It was amazing to hear that children begin learning English in kindergarten. After they performed they presented each of us with a drawing of a Croatian flower, attached to a heart on a stick with a little message attached that read:

Pokušajte pronaći nešto dobro u svakoj situaciji. Kao što stara izreka kaže:
“Poslije kiše uvijek dolazi sunce”
(Try to find something good in every situation. As the old proverb says:
“After the rain always comes the sun”)

After the kindergarten experience we went to the Old Town castle in Varaždin where we were able to explore how the castle may have appeared in the 17th century. The scenery and artwork was amazing. From here, we headed to lunch and then had a few presentations on the history of Croatia and information about the places we will visit soon in Croatia, such as Dubronik, also known as the pearl of the Adriatic sea. We also learned about the 8 national parks in Croatia and the wonderful waterfalls. After the presentations we all prepared for our evening  salsa and Croatian dance session. When we entered the room, we found children dressed in traditional Croatian costumes and some additional children playing instruments.

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