Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Continuing to Enjoy Croatia

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.      My time in Croatia continues to be a very memorable experience. Getting to take a bike tour through Varazdin helped me to better understand how people got around and how strong all their legs must be! Everyone here really challenges us to do things that are different than in America and this makes it a very rewarding experience. Getting to go to the sports center was great because I was able to give cheerleading advice that I think they appreciated! Everyone at the sports center was very nice and it was such a beautiful place. I enjoyed getting to see everything it had to offer and that the owner would let us come whenever we would like. The river we biked to was beautiful and I will never look at the word Chicago the same after the game we played! Getting to watch the Euro Cup soccer game this evening in the square was very fun. I enjoyed getting to know the Croatian students better and getting to spend more time with them!

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