Monday, June 18, 2012

Opening Sessions of Conference: Day Two

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Today we started off the morning with the chance to meet with the FOI management board.  They were all very excited about our visit and shared with us the history of the university. Later that afternoon we were presented a very nice FOI pack back with some welcoming gifts.  We then officially started the 3rd Annual Student’s Symposium: Research Topics on Intercultural learning in the International Context.

The sessions began with presentations by Katrina Roundfield & Lindsey Back, DePaul University McNair Coordinators.  This was followed by Marcine Adams (DePaul) and Natalia Sepúlveda (UCF).  We were also provide historical information about Varaždin by Madalena Jovanovic and Alen Delić presented on the Croatian educational system.  Additional presentations were provided by Danijel Dadovic,  Neva Stopinsek and Kristina Kunstek.  After this we were treated to a traditional Croatian meal for lunch.  From here, we went on a bike tour of Varaždin and visited the TTS Sportski Centar Varaždin. It was a real privilege for us to meet the owner of the facility, Dr. Branko Ivanković, who is a world-famous soccer coach.  At the end of the tour the Varaždin cheerleading team greeted us.  We then visit the river Drava.  While we sat we played an interesting game. The game consisted of many people saying different syllables of a word while a person tries to guess what word is being said.

The final event of the night was watching Croatia play Spain in the Euro Cup.  It was great to sit in the town square watching the game with the Varaždin community.  Not sure how tomorrow can get any better.

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